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Residential Construction Experts in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Look no further than Accurate Construction & Electrical Services for general contracting, remodeling, residential electrical system inspection and electrical troubleshooting in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Whether we are visiting your home for repair work, electrical upgrades, creation of additions or installations, our electricians go about their work as if it were being done in their own homes.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Smart Meter — Electrical Services in Cheyenne, WY
In almost all residential troubleshooting cases, the problem is readily apparent and a solution is near at hand. You can also schedule periodic electrical system maintenance appointments with us. Annual or more frequent scheduled maintenance can be money savers if you are using electric pumps, inverters or generators on a regular basis. Our electricians are well versed in all matters relating to household electrical systems, whether isolating the cause of a blown fuse or the periodic tripping of a circuit breaker is involved, or a malfunctioning generator requires troubleshooting and may be in need of repair. Our electricians can return your electrical system to tip-top shape, and keep it that way. Get in touch with us and ask about our services. You will be glad you did.

Setting The Expectation

When you choose Accurate Construction & Electrical Services you can expect any work that we do for you to be done right and done right the first time! Turn to our experts rather than attempting to make structural changes and electrical repairs yourself, doing so can present dangers, and if the work is not done correctly it can lead to potentially bigger problems down the road. Call us today at (307) 637-4044 if you're planning a home remodeling or electrical project. Our experts will provide you with a quick in home estimate.